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Twin Gorillas Born in Rwanda

22 Baby Gorillas to be Named in Rwanda

22 Baby Gorillas to be Named in Rwanda

The good news reaching our desk is that 22 new baby gorillas was born in different gorilla families in Rwanda.  These baby gorillas was born last month and the park authorities at ORTPN have established their sex as most of them being females. The Kwita izina is a traditional ceremony carried out every year where by new baby gorillas are given names.

These babies are the ones to be named at the 2016 Kwita Izina which is to be held in September. The ceremony will take place at the main park office in Kinigi, and will be attended by different officials in the country. Volcanoes national park is the most busiest park in Rwanda, famous for gorilla trekking. However there are many other activities that a visitor can undertake beside gorilla trek. The park host variaty of animals such as Golden monkey, buffaloes, duikers and many others. Golden monkey tracking is the second activity that attracts most people visiting Volcanoes national park. other majority who wish to go Hiking, there are many different trail head for hikers such as hiking to Bisoke volcano, Karisimbi, Muhabura and Diana fossey where visitors hike to learn the conservation work by diana fossey who were committed for this work in Karisoke research camp.

To go gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park, one needs to posses a gorilla trekking permit at a cost of USD: 1,500. each for one hour visit. This can be bought through a reputable travel agency that will also arrange your transport, Accommodation and all necessary pre-trekking preperation.


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