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Jinja City tour
Jinja Day tour will take you to the heart of Jinja town in eastern part of Kampala city. It  is the second largest commercial Center in Uganda after  Kampala. The town was established in 1907 in south eastern Uganda which is approximately 87 km from the capital Kampala. It’s located on shores of Lake Victoria and is a capital of Busoga kingdom. Its where the source of the Nile river is located, the source of the Nile river was discovered by Explorer John Hannington Speke in the year 1863. The visit to Jinja is the most interesting activity, a visitor is open to do adventurous activities such as white water rafting, bungee jumping boat ride. exploring the beauty of this adventurous town is worse a visit. learn about the culture of the basoga people and visit local markets.

The attractions are:

  • Visit the source of Nile River
  • Go white water Rafting
  • Visiting the Nile brewery
  • Bujagali Falls. For Kayaking, Bungee Jumping

The Jinja day tour will start from Kampala and take you around Jinja town. You will then do en route visit to Sezibwa falls, Mabira forest. Arriving Jinja, you will tour the Source of Nile using the boat, see the Speke monument thereafter you will visit local market and have your lunch.  Alternatively you   will do whole day or half day rafting, and later you will be driven back to Kampala in the evening.
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