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Wild Africa Journeys is all about exciting Gorilla Trekking tours in Uganda or Rwanda at discounted prices. Enjoy incredible Gorilla Safaris Adventure that takes you on a gorilla tour in Bwindi Impenetrable national park, Mgahinga  and Volcanoes national park in Rwanda. At Wild Africa Journeys we plan and organize custom made gorilla tours in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo at an affordable price.

Our Gorilla Safari tours are individually crafted to make your gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda unforgetable experience of lifetime. We organize both luxury gorilla tours and Budget safaris in Uganda and we also provide necessary travel information to our clients.  If you are wondering where to see mountain gorillas in Africa, Uganda, Rwanda and D R Congo are the few places in the whole world where endangered mountain gorilla are found.

Choose your package from our gorilla safaris, or get in touch with us to customize a trip itinerary that fits your interest, style, time and pocket.

gorilla safaris

Mountain Gorillas are limited to two populations, the Virunga population, estimated at 480 individuals and Bwindi population estimated to be 450 individuals. Despite these small numbers, the mountain Gorilla is the only subspecies of the great ape that is known to be increasing in numbers.

It is also on of the most studied apes, with Fossey Fund’s Karisoke Research center in Rwanda contributing to over 45 years of long term data collection.

Currently Conservation efforts have come up to save lives of the mountain gorillas. The Uganda wildlife Authority and other conservation organizations work intensively to protect the gorillas through a multi-pronged approach.

Low enforcement, park rangers routinely patrol the park to reduce illegal activities, cut snares and catch poachers. Ecotourism ; the permit fees to come and see the gorillas generate revenue to protect the habitat of Gorillas like Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga national park as well as Volcanoes national park and the Virunga national park in DR Congo.

Additional empowerment is created for the local people working as porters, lodge workers, artisans, and others in tourism industry. Therefore by purchasing a gorilla trekking permit and spare your time to come and meet the mountain gorillas contribute a lot in conservation.

We try our best to make sure your you enjoy your time with gorillas and learn the behaviors and the general lifestyle of these gentle giants in their natural habitat. Get in touch with us, we will customize the perfect and affordable travel plan to go gorilla trekking to any of your gorilla national park of choice to see these  great apes on earth.

Choose to book with us your holiday trip to Africa, we will show you areas where the sun shines first.
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