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Bigodi Wetland sanctuary is a small sanctuary that protects the Magombe swamp closest to Bigodi trading Centre which is located next to Kibale national park boundary. It is run by Kibale Association for Rural and environmental Development (KAFRED), therefore all the money raised from the sanctuary is used to fund community projects around Bigodi like construction of class rooms in some secondary schools, KAFRED also supports Bigodi Health centre, trains women in hand craft product development and aids the marketing of the crafts, and provides employment and guide training services for locals

Guided Nature Walk

Rich in biodiversity and scenic beauty, Bigodi wetland sanctuary should be a must visit. The 8 km long wetland acts as an important Wildlife corridor of Kibale forest. It is well known to be the birdwatchers paradise, nicknamed, “Home of the Great blue Turaco”. The wetland has about 200 species of birds including hornbills, Turacos, Parrots, Cranes, Kingfishers and other swamp endemics like Papyrus gonolek, White winged warblers, to mention but a few. The sanctuary shelters 8 species of primates including the black and white colobus monkey, Red colobus, Red tailed monkey, Grey cheeked mangabeys, Olive baboon, L’hoest monkey, and the Blue monkey.

The bigodi wetland sanctuary has4.5 km circular trail which have wooden platforms at some points, to enable the visitors walk freely with their guide as they spot the wildlife.

Visitors to Bigodi wetland need to identify their interest to be able to get the right guide since not all the guides know birds. Besides these the swamp is rich in butterflies, snacks frogs and guides are well trained, rich in knowledge of the area since they are all grown up in Bigodi village. There are many guides and this helps some time to even start the walk at any time between 8am and 4pm  to avoid delay nature walk takes 2-3 hours and a bit long for those interested to see birds.

Interpretive village walk

Go on a tour in the village of Bigodi, visit a traditional healer, and hear stories from wise elderly men and women as they tell you traditional life, ceremonies and issues that they face as developing community of rural Uganda. Along the way will be given a chance to experience the Uganda school system and visit Bigodi trading Centre, a hub of rural life and activity.

Traditional meal

Indulge in a traditional Kitooro lunch of fresh, organic food under a thatched roof, with warm company to the background melodies of singing birds.


A local woman’s group will demonstrate their meticulous craft skills, using environmentally sustainable materials like agricultural residues and recycled paper to make basket, and other crafts items. Baskets come in many shapes, sizes, and patterns and are available for onsite sale as well as export.

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