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Nyungwe National park is the tropical mountain rain forest. Its one of Rwanda’s main protect areas, lying on the southwestern slopes of the highland region that forms the great divide between the Congo and Nile drainage system. The park protects one of the region’s largest and oldest remaining perches of montene rain forest and is a home to 310 species of Birds.

The forest in Rwanda are increasingly being sought out for the incredible birding opportunities, particularly the numerous Albertine rift valley endemics, 27 to be found in Nyungwe, the highest concentration found in single park in Africa continent.

Nyungwe is a home to about 400 chimpanzees and represents one of the last intact populations in the area. In addition to several wild chimp communities, there are currently two groups of habituated communities open for tourism; one in cyamudongo and the other is around the uwinka (mayabe). A third group is located in the northern part of the park (Gisovu) is still under habituation. Tracking chimpanzees in Nyungwe is an exciting challenge! Professional guides and trackers will lead you through the forest using signs like chimp calls, feeding signs, and nesting sites as you trace your way through their montane habitat. Since chimps are most easily seen in the early morning, such as excursion usually means having to wake up around 4:00-4:30 Am. In June, July and August , Nyungwe’s fig trees are fruiting, making this a particular time for viewing chimps. Although this viewing is not always guaranteed ,you will certainly experience the thrill of following the path of these wild and elusive primates, and learning about chimps and their habitat through well trained guides who will be at your service.


Nyungwe forest national park offers number of activities and all are interesting depending on which you decide to undertake and according to what time. The following are some of the activities;


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