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Are you planning to go for gorilla trekking in Africa and you would like to know the gorilla trekking rules, Mountain Gorillas are endangered and only found in 3 countries all over the world. A set of gorilla trekking rule have been set by conservation organization to safe guide both gorillas and Visitors. The following are the guidelines to follow when going for gorilla trekking and while you are with gorillas. Its everyone’s responsibility to follow gorilla trekking rules hence contributing to conservation. Below are the Do’s and Don’ts of gorilla trekking:

Gorilla Rules and regulations.

 The Do’s and Don’ts of gorilla trekking include among others:

  • When you are with the gorillas, Keep a distance of seven meters away from mountain gorillas
  • Do not scatter, you should stay in a tight group.
  • Once you enter the forest, do not through rubbish in the forest, in other wards what you take to the forest should be brought back with you.
  • Minimize voice to low especially when you are with gorillas.
  • Try to avoid direct eye contact with the gorillas especially when they tend to charge you.
  • Keep calm when a mountain gorilla charges
  • Do not use flush photography because flashlight scares the gorillas.
  • Gorillas are almost vegetarians , depending on grass, leave, vines and fruits, therefore do not attempt to feed them.
  • Do not touch gorillas although gorillas are habituated.
  • If you you are sick, don’t visit gorillas. Gorillas share 98% of their DNA genes and therefore you can infect them and they can also infect you if they are sick.
  • Do not eat or drink any thing when you are with gorillas. Follow the guidelines of your lead guide, he will allow you time to eat and drink before and after trekking.
  • Avoid unnecessary movements when you are with gorillas.
  • In case you want to ease yourself, inform the guide. He will help you to dig a hole somewhere a way from gorillas where you can ease yourself from and cover it after.
  • Observe the time allowed to be with gorillas. The maximum time to be with gorillas is strictly one hour. Use it for viewing and taking pictures.
  • If you don’t trust your hiking capabilities, hire a porter at a small fee which you pay after trekking. Inform your guide before you set off from the briefing ground. Remember the more you hike the more weight your backpack gains.
  • Do not misbehave between the people you will join on a gorilla group. Try respecting each person in the group. Regardless of where you come from, language and capability to hike, at the time of trekking you are all focusing on enjoying your dream day of gorilla trekking experience. So to avoid not to annoy any of your fellows. Go trekking as team, be friendly and helpful till you return back to the base station.
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