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There 4 National Parks of Rwanda are very rich in wildlife diversity and there natural beauty, makes them a must visit travel destination for any safari in Africa. Rwanda is well-known as a land of a thousand hills, blessed with beautiful savanna, Volcanoes, forests and parks filled with wildlife that create a memorable Safari experience.

Rwanda has in the past suffered the terrible genocide in 1994 that claimed many peoples lives but today, the country has regained its peace and has greatly developed with the best infrastructure especially with good road network and other public facilities like schools, hospitals and many others.

All the four National parks of Rwanda are served with luxury lodges, best Hotels and camps which are able to accommodate all classes of tourists thus being the best tour destination for anyone visiting Africa. Below are Rwanda’s National parks. Mukura- Gishwati national park is a newly created forested national park, best for its best birding and primate watching opportinites.

Volcanoes National Park Rwanda is a part of the virunga mountains that hosts the endangered Mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. Most tourist who come to Africa for safaris makes sure they include Rwanda on their trip program purposely to trek mountain gorillas in Volcanoes national park. Hike the volcanoes, Seeing these great primates in the wild habitat is amazing and leaves great memories.

Nyungwe forest national park hosts chimpanzee and the rare owl faced monkey, Angolan colobus monkeys  plus many other primates including the olive baboons. In Rwanda canopy walk is only done in Nyungwe forest national park and this activity attracts a great number of visitors who come to do this adventurous activity. Canopy walk way in Nyungwe forest allows visitors to view the whole park seeing the amazing wildlife, plant life and birds of the forest. The canopy walk is one of the three canopy walks in Africa and it’s about 50 meters from the ground. The trails to the start point of the canopy walk gives visitors a feel of nature and if lucky they see some animals like monkeys. There so many forest trails open for visitors in this park especially those interseted to go nature walk, birding and primate trekking activities.

Akagera national park in Rwanda is filled with a lot of wildlife. The Akagera national park is a homes to a number of Savanna mammals and birds. Game animals in Akagera national park are comprised of sought after african big 5 game such as lion, Leoprd, Elephant, Buffaloes and Rhinos.

There are other beaautiful animals to see on safari in Akagera national park including waterbucks, Zebra, antelopes, leopard, giraffes, spotted hyenas and so many more. Some of the bird species are Pelicans, bushshrikes, kingfishers and more. This African park has many lakes and the largest lake being lake Ihema that offers boat cruise for people interest to go sunset boat cruise, see hippos, water birds and crocodiles.

Rwanda national parks are so beautiful with easy accessibility. therefore come and explore Rwanda and enjoy the best Safari experience that will stay in your memory throughout your life.

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