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Tree climbing lions in ishasha Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

Tree Climbing Lions in Ishasha Sector

Tree Climbing Lions in Ishasha – Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda.

Tree climbing lions the highlight of a game drive safari in Ishasha. Ishasha sector is located in southern part of Queen Elizabeth national park in south western part of Uganda. Its well known for Tree climbing lions that hang in the old branches of Fig trees. The ishasha sector is dominated by Figs (ficus) and savanna woodland trees like acacia and Euphorbia trees which provide shade and cover to animals.

This Ishasha sector is the only part of east Africa where one can track the climbing lions with ease. These lions are exceptional attraction for a Safari taken in Queen Elizabeth national park. They are attracted by huge herds of Topi, warthogs and leopards present in the park.

These lions climb trees due to the hot ground during the dry season with tall bushy environment and also to relax after the hunt. They also climb the Fig trees in order to spy on the Uganda kobs feeding in the field as they plan to make them their meal.

In addition to the tree climbing lions, ishasha sector has various animals like large herds of antelopes, such as Uganda kobs, Buffaloes, Giant forest hogs, hyenas and elephants, well known as African elephants because of their African shaped ears, hippopotamus in the river and many more. Ishasha sector is also good for bird watching with different species seen on lake Edward and Ishasha river which include crested eagle, African green pigeon, grey woodpecker among others.


tree climbing lions in Ishasha

Ishasha sector can be visited anytime throughout the year though the best time is in the dry season where the vegetation in the park is short giving a clear view of the animals feeding in the savanna vegetation, the dry season is usually in the months of June to September and December to February. Both morning and evening game drives are so rewarding to successful encounters to the tree climbing lions and other animals.

The Ishasha sector offers all categories of accommodation that range from budget, mid-range and luxury where visitors can have a comfortable stay. These include @The River lodge, Topi Lodge, Enjojo Lodge, Ishasha Jungle Lodge which are located on the edge of the park and Ishasha Wilderness Camp that has more comfort in the park. Accessibility to this sector is by both road and air transport.

Visitors to ishasha sector are advised to carry some items like cameras for photography, binoculars to see clearly the climbing lions in trees and have an open roof vehicle for good viewing and safety.




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